Planning Appraisals

Planning Appraisals

Unlocking the full potential of your ideas in the realm of planning is our expertise. Whether you seek initial clarity or require in-depth guidance, we offer a spectrum of services:

Over-the-Phone Appraisals:
Planning potential at your fingertips. Reach out to us, and we’ll assess your concept with a quick, no-obligation telephone consultation. Most importantly, it’s usually on the house.

Site Visit Appraisals:
For a more hands-on approach, we’re ready to step onto the terrain. Our site visits provide an on-ground perspective to fuel your planning journey.

Pre-Application Advice:
Tap into our wealth of knowledge to navigate the intricacies of pre-application processes. We’re here to guide you toward the right path.

Pre-Purchase Advice:
Considering a property or land acquisition? Our insights can be your compass, helping you make informed decisions.

Efficiency, Value, and Transparency
At our core, we understand the importance of efficiency, value, and transparency:

  • Quick Assessments: With a swift desktop evaluation, we aim to provide immediate clarity.
  • Complimentary Initial Appraisals: We’re pleased to offer our over-the-phone appraisals at no cost.
  • Detailed Work: When certainty is paramount, we offer more thorough investigations and provide comprehensive written opinions.

Explore the potential of your planning ideas with confidence. Reach out to us today, and let’s pave the way to your planning success.

Investing in Your Future
commitment to your success extends to your wallet. Should you choose to proceed with a planning application, we typically deduct the initial appraisal fee from your final account. It’s our way of ensuring you never pay twice for the same work

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