Farm diversification in the Cotswolds

In 2021 Wreyland were instructed to replace a 1930s Dutch Barn located within the principal yard of an extensive arable operation in Gloucestershire. The building had reached the end of its useful life and was beginning to become a liability. We initially achieved a simple permission to replace the original building with a more modern replacement design.

Part way through construction, some unpleasant types decided it would be a grand idea to invade the Ukraine which resulted in significant increases to farm fuel and fertiliser bills. Between January and April 2022 farm input costs increased by 30%. This shock, coupled with Britain’s exit from the European Union and the resultant staged removal of the direct subsidies precipitated a need for the farm to think more laterally in terms of farm income.

An opportunity was identified to change the use of the building which was part way through construction to commercial purposes. As wide a net as possible was thrown open to attract the greatest level of interest, with the proposed change of use encompassing 400m2 mixed use under Classes E, B2 and B8. 

In addition to the change of use, physical changes were required to the building in the form of its complete enclosure and the provision of roller doors and internal subdivision.

The site also required a new access from the highway together with a new yard for turning provision for disabled and EV parking, as well as confirmation that the new access onto the highway was safe to existing road users.

A very comprehensive application was submitted, which also confirmed that in this instance there would be no CIL to pay. Cotswold District Council permitted the proposal without further discussion.