Tim Barker

Tim Barker

  • Chartered Rural Surveyor: Accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).
  • Fellow of the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers (CAAV): Recognised for expertise in agricultural valuations.
  • Associate of the British Institute of Agricultural Consultants (BIAC): Bringing specialised agricultural consulting knowledge to the table.
  • Educational Background: Tim holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Rural Land and Estate Management from the esteemed Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester.
  • A Decade of Experience: Tim has spent ten years in the rural professional sector, gaining valuable insights.

From Farm to Surveyor: A Unique Perspective
Before entering the surveying profession, Tim rolled up his sleeves and worked hands-on in farming and land management. His experiences spanned his native Dartmoor, the picturesque landscapes of South Wales, and various corners of New Zealand. This blend of academic, professional, and practical knowledge equips Tim to provide advice deeply rooted in practical understanding.

Passion for Rural Resilience
Tim’s dedication to rural development is unwavering. With Britain’s changing landscape post-Brexit, our rural and agricultural sectors face the challenge of finding new paths to maintain their viability. National and local planning policies may support rural development, but the planning system itself often hinders economic growth in rural areas.

Our Commitment: Unlocking Rural Potential
Wreyland Rural Planning operates exclusively in rural environments. We stand side by side with our clients, offering a laser-focused, pragmatic approach to uncovering untapped value in the rural sector.

Beyond the Office: A Lifesaver on the River Severn
Away from the professional world, Tim is a dedicated member of the Severn Area Rescue Association. He contributes to search and rescue operations along the River Severn and its expansive 20,000km² catchment area. Tim’s skills cover High Risk Missing Persons, flood response, and boat rescues, assisting those in need along the Severn and across the region. 

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