Rural Economic Development

The first paragraph of the forward to the 2008 Taylor Review is absolutely on the money when it says “The English Countryside is a wonderful place to live and work – if you can afford a home, if you can find a reasonably paid job.

This is why we were so very pleased to have achieved permission for a project in Worcestershire where we secured permission for the reorganisation of uses together with operational development of a dilapidating rural petrol station which had ceased operations in 2017.

The applicants – a local company with a strong track record of returning dilapidated buildings to commercial uses and whom provide employment for over 40 people in the immediate area are permitted to recommence fuel sales from the site and redevelop the shop moving from a standard petrol station kiosk to providing a full village shop for the residents of Bushley and Forthampton and which will also provide for a post-office. Products sold by the shop will be principally sourced from established relationships with multiple local producers – the furthest being from Bristol.

This development will also provide 5 additional FTE jobs to the area.


Reorganisation of Use, Operational Development


4.5 Months




A dilapidated rural petrol station which had ceased operations in 2017.



Complete demolition and rebuild of the site’s structures and reorganisation of the site’s layout its buildings and its parking areas to yield a redeveloped petrol station with village shop and Post Office to serve surrounding residents

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