Planning Strategies

The Applicant had received a negative response to the Pre-Application inquiry, and had been told by four planning consultants that what they were proposing couldn’t be done…

Step forward Wreyland Rural Planning…

The strategy concerned the division of an isolated pair of semi-detached properties, and their division into two detached dwellings each situated within their own plots.


Local policy and the Local Planning Officers considered the Applicant’s initial enquiry to run counter to Local Policies restricting the rebuilding of dwellings of any greater volume than the original dwelling, while Landscape Officers considered the proposals, in particular changes to the existing’s buildings symmetry to constitutes harm to the Cotswold AONB.


We undertook an initial comprehensive appraisal which determined that, despite initial protestations, an avenue did indeed exist using a strategic, multi-staged approach. Our strategy, which involved multiple smaller applications, opened up the site to allow a final, cumulative application which incorporated the previous decisions as fall-back positions to support the case and allowed the principle of the development to break away from otherwise restrictive policy. In short, we ‘Uri Geller’ed’ local policy to achieve the Applicant’s goal.


Pre-application, Objections


4.5 Months


Cotswold AONB


A pair of isolated semi-detached dwellings, situated within the AONB which had received negative responses to pre-application enquiries



A planning strategy which constituted a number of smaller applications were then collected together as a cumulative fall-back position to achieve the Applicant’s goals in a final, conclusive hammer-blow.

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