Appeal Success in Berkshire

We have successfully appealed a Local Authority’s refusal for an extension to a former lodge which was received principally on the basis that the proposal had detriment to local heritage, rural character, would appear prominent and incongruous, and would be particularly discordant with local policy which limits domestic extensions to those that are ‘subservient to the original dwelling.’

We contended that the purpose of the policy was to retain local character rather than to limit the scale of dwellings for their own sake, and that as there are 'no rules' which can be applied to what constituted an acceptable size of an extension under local policy, each application must be considered on the basis of its particular impact in that location.

Having compiled 7,000 words of meticulous research into heritage impacts and PINS interpretation of local policy as it related particularly to subservience we were able to conclusively show that the design (which made provision for a 223% increase in total floorspace and which included a lounge, games room with snooker table, snug, office, three en-suite bedrooms, laundry room, utility room and integrated storage), was perfectly concordant with the Local Plan.


Appeals, Research


4.5 Months




A traditional lodge dwelling affording less than 100m2 internal living accommodation



Retention of the existing traditional dwelling and its character, with the addition of 266m2 of additional ground floor and subterranean floor space.

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