A new set of buildings for an old farm business…

More success on the farm this week and again within the Cotswold AONB – this time near Winchcombe.

A range of dilapidated farm buildings required complete replacement. Plans were submitted for the storage of preserved fodder, farm machinery, as well as a spanking new workshop.

Prior Approval was sought using the farm’s Permitted Development Rights and this morning we were notified that the Local Authority (Tewkesbury) were happy for the applicants to proceed without the need for a full application.

Decent, well designed and located buildings that are suitable to their intended uses are so important for a farm business. Older, traditional farm buildings may look nice, but their range of uses to modern farming is limited – happily it is fairly east to work up robust arguments to put them to more profitable use. What we call ‘modern’ farm buildings though can cover any building built almost since 1947. Working from a building of over 50 years old which may never have been intended to last that long can be of significant detriment to the efficiency of a farm enterprise, the well being of the people working in it and to husbandry in general, so we’re very pleased that Tewkesbury Borough Council considered this application pragmatically, particularly given its location.

Thanks also to Charles Board of Journeyman Draughting for a cracking set of plans, and to Anton Kattan of Pure Ecology for a comprehensive Preliminary Ecological Assessment