Change of Use Success…

Class R of the GPDO 2015 – The change of use of agricultural buildings to flexible commercial purposes (which includes shops, financial and professional services, restaurants and cafes, business, storage or distribution, even hotels).

This month on a farm in Gloucestershire we changed the use of the ground floor of a traditional farm building to accommodate a furniture restorer who had expressed an interest in using the floorspace.

At less than 150m2 of floorspace we simply provide a pretty plan to the LPA, and demonstrate how the proposal concords with the terms of the Permitted Development. No need for floorplans or elevations, topo’s, structural surveys, flood risk, or even a tussle with the Local Authority.

This is a really simple avenue from which to make use of under-utilised assets on the farm without onerous investment. The corner of an existing under-utilised building can provide additional income and provide a little bolstering against the scourge of volatility.