100 days of Wreyland Rural Planning!

Matt Hancock delivered a rousing speech yesterday on the first 100 days of the UK’s Coronavirus Vaccination Programme.

What he failed to mention, and which I personally believe is more important to the national interest, is that this week also marks the first 100 days since the launch of Wreyland Rural Planning.

We currently have going through the planning system…

  • An extension to a curtilage listed domestic outbuilding to provide for greater storage space and a permanent home office.
  • The discharge and variation of conditions concerning a new dwelling within the Dartmoor National Park
  • An application for two new dwellings near Gloucester
  • A new farm building situated within the Cotswold AONB for the storage of machinery and preserved fodder
  • A residential annexe for an existing farmhouse in the Cotswold AONB
  • The removal of an Agricultural Occupancy Condition in Gloucestershire
  • A new farm building within the Green Belt
  • A residential extension within the Green Belt
  • The change of use an existing outbuilding to a new residential dwelling within the Forest of Dean
  • Side and rear extensions to a semi-detached property in Gloucester
  • Extensions to a detached residence located in both the AONB and the Green Belt
  • The change of use of agricultural land to residential use within the Cotswold AONB
  • A new agricultural building within the AONB near Stroud

We have also provided consultation services to parties looking to acquire infill development within a Cotswold village, the wholesale movement of a company’s premises to an out of town location, the remediation of a property with outbuildings which were built without planning permission, the installation of an air source heat pump, the change of use a residential annexe in the north Cotswolds to commercial use, together with a multitude of additional enquiries which will soon begin to work their way through the system.

100 days ago I would never have anticipated the level of work that has come in, most of which has arrived with me through personal recommendations for which I am very grateful.

Here’s to the next 100 days!